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Custom Shaped Stress Balls

The World’s Leader in
Custom Shaped Stress Balls

Designed & Delivered in Approx. 1 Month. As low as 1000 pc minimum.

While we do carry over 1200 in-stock stress ball varieties our real greatness comes in our ability to create custom shaped stress balls. These awesome products can be made to look like nearly anything you can think of and our extensive expertise in the field allows us the rare ability to create even the smallest details and unique features on them. Whether you are thinking of creating a custom mascot for your store or events, a replica of a product you sell for a truly memorable trade show giveaway or have a different idea altogether the limits are really only controlled by your imagination!

We start when you contact us with a concept. Whether you have only an idea, a rough sketch or a detailed schematic our artists work hard to recreate it in stress ball form. You get to review, revise and approve full color illustrations, 3D clay model images, and a preview picture before delivery for ironclad assurance. This is all done in only 1 - 2 months from order to delivery as well, with as few as 1000 pcs needed for an order.

The potential uses for custom shaped stress balls are really unlimited. Below you will find only a small sampling of ideas customers had in the past. Feel free to browse through and then contact us to discuss your custom stress ball idea today!

Common Ideas and Uses:

Here are only some of the ideas and uses our customers implemented their own custom shaped stress balls for their successful marketing and promotion purposes. We hope these give you ideas.

Make it into a Keychain
Custom Paint an Existing Shape

The examples above are just some of the many uses for custom stress balls. However, they are not the only ones possible. If you have new or different ideas in mind please feel free to be creative.

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lead time is 4-6 weeks

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