The Bluetrack Story

There is no mistake that the events that unfolded on September 11, 2001 changed the world forever, impacting everyone to varying degrees. Many would bare the ultimate burden while others would have the trajectories of their lives forever altered. Our founder, Sean Glasser, was a college sophomore at the time living minutes away from the World Trade Center. Like so many others around the nation he struggled to both make sense of the tragedy and find a way he could help. This is where our story begins.

Being concerned for the children of the first responders who bravely lost their lives that day, Sean wanted to help them the most. He soon discovered the NYPD and FDNY had set up charity funds to support the families and were selling logo apparel locally. This was fantastic except it left out thousands across the country who wanted to show their support but had no access. Bearing this in mind Sean began making daily subway runs into Manhattan to buy the apparel, sell it on eBay and ship to supporters nationwide with proceeds going to benefit the funds.

Sean Glasser

Sean Glasser, Founder & CEO

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Even though this work was for charity, it left Sean with a deep sense that he could one day create his own business and improve the lives of others by improving the customer experience and logistics that people faced in other industries. The status quo didn’t have to be that way. However, as any college student with big dreams will quickly find out, you have to start at the bottom.

While pursuing his degree at Seton Hall University, Sean founded BLUETRACK, Inc. He began by investing $600 to buy wholesale Tireflys, small lights that screwed onto the valve stems of cars, motorcycles and bikes to provide for night time safety. With innovative approaches to marketing and offering customers discounts to leave voicemails when he was in class, Sean was able to quickly dominate online sales for these lights. As the years went on and Sean balanced class and business, often working through the night many times, the company would add other light-up products to its line, including the popular light-up pens for police, nautical & civilian use.

As graduation neared Sean knew that in order to grow he needed more than a one person operation and recruited his classmate and good friend, Sage Katakura, to become a business partner. Sage and Sean both shared a relentless drive to deliver an exceptional experience to their customers and made for a great partnership. The two opened up their first office in West New York, NJ in 2005 and bought their very first print machine to start customizing the light-up products they sold.

Sage Katakura

Sage Katakura, President

As Sean and Sage worked hard and won over famous brand after famous brand into their clientele they expanded operations to new offices and new product lines, including stress balls and health & safety items. Eventually, the two aquired the domain and now boost claim to over 40,000 customers, ranging from nearly all Fortune 500 companies, numerous government agencies, hundreds of universities, hospitals and non-profits, as well as thousands of smaller companies.

Bluetrack, Inc. is scheduled to open its new Montclair, NJ early 2021 where it currently houses its N95 and surgical mask manufacturing operations. The company that started out with a mision to improve the customer experience in any industry it joined is now successfuly doing that in the promotional product, health and safety, retail and fulfillment markets with a consisently high 4.8 our of 5 star rating among all its customers. The future is sure to be bright as Bluetrack, Inc. continues to push the limits of what’s possible in making the customers’ lives easier and continues to innovate the business models of new brands in new markets.

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